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Do I really need a Virtual Assistant?

Running a business takes time and a lot of it. How can we, as business owners, maximise our time and get the most out of everything we do?

Outsourcing could be the answer to your time issues. Outsourcing refers to hiring someone to complete a portion of your business workload. While this is a great way to free up some of your time, or complete projects that you are not necessarily skilled in, outsourcing some of your tasks can also help your business grow, because you can then concentrate on the main areas of your business – finding new clients and servicing your current clients.

As I work remotely and am self-employed, you do not have any of the usual employee costs, i.e., office space, furniture, equipment and technology, sick pay, pension contributions, National Insurance, holiday pay, etc.

I can be flexible too to suit your workload. I have various packages so can work on an ad-hoc basis, for a set amount of hours for a particular project, a set amount of hours per month for regular work and it can be short or long term, depending on your requirements.

If you’re not sure what tasks you could outsource, I have a simple Activity Log which may help you. By completing it with all your tasks as you action them over a couple of weeks, or maybe a month, you may find certain tasks are taking up more of your time than you realise. Do they all need to be done by you? Could they be given to someone else, e.g., a VA, bookkeeper or marketing expert, and actioned by them? I’m sure you’ll find some time could be freed up.

Email me at for a copy of the Activity Log and let me know how you get on!