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What is a Virtual Assistant?


A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is a business owner who provides business, administrative, technical and/or creative support to individuals and businesses remotely from their own premises. They can be either Sole Traders or set up as a Limited Company.

VAs may do generalised admin work, or there are those who customise by client-type, specific skill, type of work or even by specific software – if you’re looking for someone particular you’re likely to find a VA who can do the job!

A VA can help you do many tasks for your business. By having a VA do this type of work, you have more time to focus on the revenue-making tasks in your business, such as servicing your current clients or contacting potential clients, or maybe just have some extra time for your personal life.

A VA offers the flexibility of being able to do as few or as many hours as required on a short or long term basis, this can also be regularly or ad-hoc, so can fit in with all your requirements.

VAs should be computer savvy, able to meet deadlines, have good communication skills and an understanding of basic business practices.